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Our Models

Get to know our models and faces of Chilli & Olive! Here you can find out more about our brand representatives and you can use this page as a size guide for your own pup.


Lucy also know as the 'Pup Dog', 'Lucy Dog' and 'El Diablo' is a 3 year old miniature dachshund living in Lisburn, Northern Ireland. Her favourite snack is crispy bacon and favourite toy is any pinecone she can get her paws on from Wallace park.

Lucy's Size

Harness: XS Small


Reggie is a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy living in Chester. He likes to also go by the names 'Reginald', 'Reggie Michael', 'Reggimus' and 'Reggie Poo'. In his spare time he is a Michael Jackson imperssonator with his one white paw.

Reggie's Size (as a puppy)

Harness: Medium


Named after Mushu from Mulan, Mushu is a 3 year old Zuchon. His other nicknames include, 'Moosh", 'Pig', 'Bean' and 'Porlito'. His favourite place to go is by the seaside where he can run in the sand dunes. When he is happy you'll know by his trumpet sounds which usually come after eating a chicken twist. 

Mushu's Size

Harness: Medium


Mila, also known as 'Mila Moo' or 'Gym Dog' is a 3 year old cavapoo living in Chester and the co-owner of Doodles DoggyDaycare. Her favourite thing to do is to find attention from whoever will give it to her and her hobby is padding in water.

Mila's size

Harness: Medium


Jet is a 4 year old cockapoo from Lyme Regis. He doesn't like nicknames but he does love cheese. He enjoys jumping into canals and trying to play with ducks.

Jet's size

Harness: Large


Meet Albie a 4 year old Beagle X Spaniel (Bocker) living in Chester. He loves picteresque walks to find some birds and squirrels to howl at and munching chew bars. However, his favourite snack is a digestive biscuit.

Albie's Size

Harness: Large


Meet Dixie a 7 year old full sized Dachshund living in Upton. 'Dixatron' or 'Dixie Blue's' favourite snacks include popcorn and pate. She spends her time destroying squeaky toys as well as taking long walks on the beach.

Dixie's Size

Harness: Medium


Kylo who also goes by 'Pup', 'Gorgy' and his not so favourite 'Stinky' is a 6 year old Cocker Spaniel. His favourite pass times include eating and running wild & free.

Kylo's size

Harness: Large

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